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Indian Astrology, The entire world realize that Indian Astrology is a scientific science. Get your future predictions through one of the world's No.1 Indian astrology online center.

Education, Career, Marriage, Family, Relationships, Health, Dasa changes and Transit forecast. Remedies Based on Star and Dasa. Dress, Lifestyle, Bhajanam, Vratham, Daanam, Flowers, Pooja,Yanthras Based on the detailed examination of the horoscope, remedies for the harmful effects of dasa and birth star are provided in the Parihara section.

We provide you the most trusted and accurate Janmapatri/ Kundli report over 2 decades of experience.

World's No. 1 and world's most trusted Indian astrology horoscope report

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Marriage Compatibility Report/Love Match

Check compatibility based on birthstar, rashi, guna milan etc. Generate charts & calculations based on South Indian, North Indian systems. Know whether any Doshas are seen while checking the horoscopes for a match. Check Kuja Dosha based on janma lagna (birth time), shukra (venus) and chandra (moon) analysis. Provides Papa (Dosha) comparison between the boy & girl and indicates the compatibility. Provides Dasa sandhi analysis for the couple and indicates the compatibility.

Horoscope Compatibility

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Gemstone Recommendation

Recommends beneficial gemstone based on your horoscope. Gives you the exact carat weight of the gem that you should wear. Recommends the right metal in which the gem should be set. Tells you how and when to start wearing the gem. Get suggestion about how to benefit from favorable planets & minimize negative influence. Know which gem to wear to ward-off difficulties from your life.

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Numerology Report

Know your birth number & name number * Insight on personality & life * Your health, career & married life * Ideal partner suggestion * Critical Years * Improves personal effectiveness.

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Year Prediction (12 Month report from today)

The horoscope Guide to the year uses calculations based on your date, time and place of birth, and so will be specific to and uniquely yours. This make it is an ideal guide to prepare yourself for the year ahead. What’s inside: • Forecasts, unique to you, for 12 Month report from today. • Astrological predictions for the year on your health, family, career, and finance. • Position of planets and lord of Muntha (ascendant) which have significant effects on your horoscope for the year. • Insights into these planetary effects and remedies where needed. • Overall rating for the year based on the combined effect of planets in your horoscope.

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