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Numbers play an important role in life. They make up who you are, and why you are what you are! Your name and date of birth have a huge impact on how your life turns out.

Understand the significance of your name and your date of birth on your personality, your life flow, and the various minute or large facets of your life, via the Numerology report.

This report, generated on the basis of your name number and date of birth, explains who you are.. Elucidating on your characteristics, the Numerology report highlights the effect of your 'Numbers' on you, besides listing out crucial information on your health and wellbeing, career, romantic and married life, compatibility with others, and your likes and dislikes.

Additionally, the report tells you a range of aspects that will help improve your life such as colours that are favourable, prayers that will guide you, numbers that have a positive influence on your living etc.

We provide you the most trusted and accurate report over 3 decades of experience.

• Know your birth number & name number.

Finds birth number and name number from your Date of Birth and Name respectively. Numerologically, the name and date of birth have a critical influence on a person's life.

• Insight on personality & life

Gives a report on your personality, life flow and the fortunes hidden behind your birth number.

• Your health, career & married life

Detailed analysis on the effect of your 'Numbers' gives information on your career, health, romance, married life etc.

• Ideal partner suggestion.

Analyses your interpersonal compatibilities, your Likes & Dislikes and suggests your ideal life partner.

• Critical Years.

Gives information on the critical years of life and guides you on various spheres of life.

• Improves personal effectiveness.

Tells about the range of aspects that could help improve your potential to succeed -Lucky Numbers, Lucky Colours, Favourable days etc.

World's No. 1 and world's most trusted Numerology Report

Our Numerology Report is accepted all over world.

"All details are clearly printed in our Numerology Report. You do not require any astrological knowledge to understand the report."

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100% Accurate calculations.

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World's most trusted Numerology Report

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• Good report. Great job done. - Manoj CJ, Cochin.

• Amazing report. Unbelivable that a horoscope report can give such accurate report. Thanks for your prompt service. - Usha Narayan, Hyderabad

• Yes. Accurate predictions, Best wishes and sugestable to any one. - Sunil TA, Bangalore

• Complete details coverd in my hosoroscope report. Please sent my doughters horoscope also. Details attached with this mail - Pratiksha, Kolkata

• Remedies section is good section in your report. Its a great astrology guide. Thanks lot. - Priti, Delhi

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